Feedback from Students & Parents

‘Music Centre is a rich and varied, not to mention, priceless opportunity for our children.’

‘It affords the chance to be part of music making at its best, with others..’

‘…a great way to “practice”.’

‘…the students mix in a very secure and positive way with one another.’

‘The staff are saintly!’

‘I think Music Centre is great…’

‘Thank you – I had a lovely time.’

‘Well done all.’

‘I think Music Centre is an inspired idea.’

‘It gives children the opportunity to play music with others and get the “big band experience”.’

‘This has encouraged my son to play more and increase his confidence.’

‘I have improved my drumming because of Colin!’

‘Another tremendous concert. Bravo!!’


From former students

“Playing in an ensemble gave me the opportunity to meet new people and gave me confidence as well as developing my clarinet skills which enabled me to join a concert band at university. Here I met many friends and continued to improve my playing.” – Rachel Manson

”When starting university you’re thrown right in the deep end and it can be easy to get lost in it all, but playing in different music groups (and going to see performances) is a great way to get out, make friends and take time to relax! Being in the clarinet choir taught me a lot about playing in ensembles and made it easy to fit in at the Jazz Band and Orchestra I’ve joined here at university. I’m really grateful for the opportunities and friends that it has given me!” – Will Kocur

”Being part of a Music Centre ensemble? Feels like only yesterday!” – Graeme Hardman



‘Maybe it should be advertised more in the primary schools.’

‘An idea maybe to get local funding for less fortunate children to learn and join the orchestra like a scholarship for 2 years.’

‘Have the term’s concerts recorded and produce a CD…’

‘Maybe the seating in 4 blocks of 6 would give a little more legroom and make access easier?’

‘Our suggestion is for recordings of the concerts.’

We have looked into the possibility of recording the concerts and producing a CD, and unfortunately it isn’t possible for copyright reasons.


Torbay and South Devon Music Centre is a registered charity: Registered charity number 1069605.