Dear Musicians and Parents,

I hope you are well and had a restful break of routine over the half term holiday?
I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday at 5pm.
Remember you can join the Zoom link from 4.50pm as the teachers get online at 4.45pm and then we can move into the breakout rooms for rehearsals.
Rehearsals should be completed at approximately  5.50pm.
We will be rehearsing, amongst other things the Fire track and then asking you to record this at home and send it into me by 13th March. Please try to do this as all of us will be recording ourselves including the teachers! If you need any backing tracks or music please just email me.
Have any of you completed a recording that you have done for exams, showing a piece you have been practicing or a duet/ ensemble with your teacher/ family members that you would like to show at the end of term presentation evening on the 26th March?
If not yet, then If you want to, please use the next couple of weeks to record yourselves and send them to me by 13th March. This is not compulsory but if you have been working hard at something it would be great to hear and/or see it. 
See you on Friday
Keep calm, stay safe and play music!
Moira Devonport

Dear Musicians and Parents,

Tonight is the last rehearsal of the Music Centre for this half term. 
We have two weeks off and start again on Friday 26th February 2021.
Next half term we will be online again for TSDMC Live@5 on Zoom. 
Please get in touch if you haven’t joined us yet and we can get the link sent to you.
If you haven’t already remember to check out our new YouTube Channel at
Keep an eye out for News Updates via emails, our website page, and our social media pages.
Keep Calm, Stay Safe and Play Music!
Moira Devonport


Hello Musicians

Just a reminder that the Music Centre starts tonight at 5 pm. If you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too late! If this week is too short notice sign up and start next week.

If you haven’t joined us online yet or only for the summer term last year, please give it a go this term, we miss you! I know this is not the same as being at TSDMC in person. You have to provide your own tuck shop for starters! But it does give you an opportunity to get your instruments out of their cases if they haven’t been out in the week and it will be easier to keep your musicianship skills in shape with a regular weekly play (even if you are on mute for some of the time!)
Please can you make sure you have logged into the google form link below to subscribe to TSDMC this term then I will send you a link for Live@5 each Friday.
Hope to see you soon
Happy Music Making!
Moira Devonport

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have some exciting news that we can go back to TBGS and have Music Centre Friday 11th September 2020.

As we know music rehearsing is best done together in person with our teachers and friends. We found rehearsing online a very different way of doing things and, although it still has a place in our plans, rehearsing and playing music together in person is so much better.

The trustees and I have been working hard with Torquay Boys Grammar School to complete a risk assessment for the music centre starting up again this term. In the table below I explain what changes have been implemented so we can open on the 11th September.

Reopening procedure for TSDMC 11.09.20
Before you arrive Please sign the new membership form online and pay membership fees by bank transfer.–gkG7TczqdI09e-_urPqkrQCruIeAkDQ/viewform

There will be no paper copies of forms or calendar dates this term; it will all be sent online.

Torquay Boys Grammar School (TBGS) are cleaning the rooms, toilets, and spaces we will be using after the boys leave school and before we go into the space.

Following government guidelines if the student or anyone in their household is feeling unwell, have a temperature or are in quarantine please do not attend TSDMC.

Students are required to bring a face mask or face covering to the music centre and to wear it inside when using communal spaces.

TBGS boys who attend TSDMC and are already on site must come to the bistro where the TSDMC manager and staff will supervise the student in socially distanced year group bubbles to follow TBGS risk assessment guidelines. Students are not to use any rooms unless given permission from TSDMC staff.

There will be no tuck shop or drinks available to staff or students for this term.

On arrival on site Teachers to arrive for 4.30pm, check in, go to their teaching room to set up teaching rooms including ventilation and social distancing measures.

All Students to arrive 4.35pm onwards for a 4.45pm start in rooms. Students must not come onto site before 4.35pm. If students arrive by car they must wait in them until that time, if you arrive by bus or are dropped off please arrange with the TSDMC Manager where you need to wait if early.

Please check in at the welcome desk outside the Bistro as all people attending TSDMC will be on a track and trace list.

TSDMC staff will be using a contactless thermometer to test the temperature of everyone attending TSDMC. Anyone found with a temperature will be sent home straight away.

Everyone will be asked to hand sanitize on arrival on site.

Getting to your music room Some of the rooms we use have needed to be altered this year for safety/ cleaning purposes and to enable the correct social distancing of groups according to music mark guidelines.

We will be using three entrances into the building to avoid groups crowding in corridors, only the Concert Orchestra will be going into the Bistro hall as usual.

Percussion and Reed Ensemble will use the entrance next to the Bistro and use the corridor to your usual rooms ER1 for Percussion and ER3 for Reeds.

All other groups have had to be moved. They will enter the building up the outside staircase just past the flagpole by the main entrance. (you can see the stairs from the welcome desk outside the Bistro).

The Flute choir are back in G4, a room they used to use as it is larger than the one used last year, but to get to the room students must use the outside stairs and go along the corridor.

The Concert brass are in H1 first classroom on the right at the top of the stairs.

The Youth Strings are in H4 the first classroom on the left at the top of the stairs.

The Fast forward group are in H3, the second room on the left.

Parents who normally stay with their children can do so if it is necessary for their wellbeing, but a drop off is preferred. All parents are asked to wear face masks at all times when inside the building and at the check in desk.

Toilets are found on the top corridor for those students in those bubbles and the toilets on the corridor by the bistro for those on the ground floor.

In your music group bubble Windows and some doors will be opened to give ventilation to each room, no matter what the temperature or weather.

On entering the music group bubble all people must hand sanitize.

A register will be taken as usual and students will be given a music stand each to use. This will be labelled with their name and kept as the stand for them to use this term. No one else will touch this as it will go into individual cases in a group bag. Music stands will be socially distanced according to music mark guidance for different instruments. Music Centre teachers will advise on how to set the rooms up following latest guidance.

Music will be given to students in a plastic wallet and it is their responsibility to bring it to all rehearsals.

No one should share music, an instrument or touch each other’s music or instruments.

Music teachers will advise on tuning, but students will tune their own instruments.

Students of woodwind or brass instruments a bell cap needs to be worn over the instruments bell to capture moisture. Please contact your instrument teacher if you need advice on this.

Leaving the site There is no second session of TSDMC this term. Music sessions will finish by 5.45pm and all students are off the site by 6pm to allow cleaners in.

Rooms should be left as they are found except the Concert Orchestra. Please leave chairs set out in the bistro hall, so the cleaners know which chairs students used.

Students pack up their own instruments and music stands into cases.

TBGS boys from each group are asked to help take music stand bags back to the storage cupboard as no one else is allowed in that department building (in accordance to TBGS risk assessment). TSDMC staff supervise these students from outside the building and provide hand sanitizer when finished.

After you leave If you or any members of your household are ill with symptoms or are found to be positive for Covid 19 please contact Moira Devonport TSDMC manager immediately.
Remember for next week Instrument

Music in plastic wallet

Music stand if bringing your own to use.

Face mask


Any concerns you have please email them to me so I can try to answer and reassure you that we have taken all the government, local music hub and music mark guidance into consideration before getting to this point and continue to follow changes in these recommendations and permissions.

For those students who attend our Fast Forward Group at Oldway Primary School on Thursdays,sadly we are unable to meet at the school at the present time.However we would welcome you to come to Fast Forward at Torquay Boys Grammar school on Friday nights.

I attach the planned calendar for this year below please note rehearsal times have altered at present, but dates, groups, contact and fee information are correct.

I look forward to seeing and hearing you play together again next week.

Best wishes

Moira Devonport

Dear Musicians and Parents,

I hope this finds you safe and well.

It would be our first week back at Music Centre this week so I am sending you an update as we can’t meet together in person!

At the moment, due to lockdown, we have to follow the government guidelines and stay at home. We do not know yet when the lockdown will lift for us or when we can meet again to practice and perform together but we know it will be at least 3 more weeks and it looks unlikely before half term.

However, this doesn’t mean that we have to stop music making!

I hope individually, you have time and space to practice your instruments?

Do you know of any online sites that are worth a listen to or have resources of free music to play along to or print parts? Please let me know and I will share them with everyone.

I’ve found some great music to listen to and even some music that is free to print at a range of levels so the whole music centre could play together. I have chosen three pieces from the site, one we did last term as the Orchestra from 6-7pm, but there are easier parts for everyone. (Please see the link below).

It would be great if you take a look at the site and see which parts you can play. This is for all groups and for all musicians in those groups. I will send more info soon when I have found out if we can play online together or we may have to wait til we are back at music centre.

Let me know how you get on with the site and if you need any help with printing music etc. It would be good to know if you try any of the pieces so keep in touch!

Best wishes

Moira Devonport

If you click on this link and go to the Orchestral and choral arrangements and click on this. There are a good number of different styles and composers to chose from. Below are the three pieces I think we could look at individually then put together when we can. Or even record at home and edit together online! To hear the tracks and info about the composers follow the links on the site.


Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird — suite (1911) (Finale) – Instrumental arrangements Arrangements suitable for orchestral instruments, for beginners up to Grade 5. All parts have been designed to work together to enable mixed-ability groups to perform together.


Beginner/pre-Grade 1

Violin (open strings) | Cello/Double bass (open strings)

Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Oboe (or any mid-range instrument in C) | Bassoon

Trumpet in B♭ | Horn in F (F and Bf fingering) | Trombone (or other bass instrument in C)

Tenor horn/Alto sax in E♭ | Euphonium/Baritone

Bass (or any large) drum | Glockenspiel

Piano beginner

Transposed score

Grade 1-3

Violin | Cello/Double bass

Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Oboe (or any mid-range instrument in C) | Bassoon

Trumpet in B♭ | Trombone (or any bass instrument in C) | Horn in F

Tenor horn/Alto sax in E♭ | Euphonium/Baritone

Bass (or other large) drum


Intermediate score

Grade 4-5

Violin | 2nd Violin (based on viola) | Viola | Cello | Double bass

Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Oboe | Bassoon

Trumpet in B♭ | Trombone (bass clef) | Trombone (treble clef) | Horn in F | Tenor horn/Alto sax in Eb

Euphonium/Baritone | Bass in B♭ | Bass in E♭ (treble clef) | Tuba

Bass drum

Full score | Piano accompaniment

Doctor Who Theme by Delia Derbyshire

(original theme composed by Ron Grainer)



By Iain Farrington

Available parts:


Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Alto Saxophones, Bassoons, Trumpets, Horns, Euphoniums,

Tenor Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Bass in Eb

Timpani, Percussion

Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses

Guitar, Ukulele


For Beginner, Intermediate and Grade 4/5


Universal notes for all instrumental arrangements:


All parts have been designed to enable mixed-ability groups to perform together. A certain amount of simplification has been required to adapt the pieces for mixed-ability. A successful rendering of each piece would require the essential melodic material and bass line which are often in the Grades 4/5 parts, especially in the piano.


There are scores for each difficulty level plus three other scores for each piece:

1.         Grouped according to ability

2.         Grouped according to instrument type

3.         ‘Short score’ in C, grouped according to ability


There are three ability levels – beginner, intermediate (Grades 1-3) and Grades 4-5.

•          Flute parts can be played by the violins

•          Oboe parts can be played by the flutes and violins

•          Trumpet parts (in Bb) can be played by the clarinets

•          Violin parts can be played by the flutes (except when in the lowest register)

•          The ‘percussion’ part is a beginner part and can be played on any drum. It adds a simple rhythm layer to each piece. Timpani and full percussion parts are for intermediate or Grades 4/5


Edward Elgar – ‘Enigma’ Variations – Theme (‘Enigma’), variations 11, 6 & 7 – Instrumental arrangements Beginner/pre-Grade 1:

Violin | Cello | Guitar | Ukulele

Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Alto saxophone | Oboe | Bassoon

Trumpet in B♭ | Trombone | Trombone in B♭ | Tenor horn | Horn in F | Euphonium



Intermediate/Grade 1-3:

Violin | Viola | Cello | Double bass | Guitar

Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Alto saxophone | Oboe | Bassoon

Trumpet in B♭ | Trombone | Trombone in B♭ | Tenor horn | Horn in F | Euphonium | Tuba

Timpani | Glockenspiel | Snare drum/Triangle/Bass drum/Cymbals


Grade 4-5:

1st Violin | 2nd Violin | Viola | Cello | Double bass

Flute | 2nd Flute | Clarinet in B♭ | Alto saxophone | Oboe | Bassoon | Bass in B♭

Trumpet in B♭ | Trombone | Trombone in B♭ | Tenor horn | Horn in F | Euphonium | 2nd Euphonium | Tuba



Dear Musicians and Parents
The impact of the Coronavirus which has been reported in the news has regrettably affected forthcoming TSDMC rehearsals and concerts.

The trustees and I have been carefully assessing the developments and I am writing to you to let you know of changes to rehearsals and concerts we had planned. All rehearsals and concerts are cancelled until next term.

There will be no rehearsals this week at our satellite Fast Forward orchestra at Oldway Primary School on Thursday 19th March or at TSDMC, Torquay Boys Grammar School on Friday 20th March.
Also the rehearsals and our Spring Term Concert due to take place on Saturday 21st March at The Ariel Centre, Totnes will no longer be held.
There will be no Peninsula Clarinet Choir rehearsal on Saturday 21st March.
The Torbay Music Hub have also cancelled the Schools Music Festival in which the TSDMC Flute Choir, Reed Choir and Youth Strings where due to play in on March 23rd, 24th and 25th. So no performances at English Riviera Centre.
Everyone has worked hard this term and I have heard great playing in rehearsals. I hope that we will show this to your families and friends in next term’s concert.
Thank you individually for all your hard work, great listening and fantastic playing, keep up the practice at home until we can meet again next term.
Please confirm that you have received this email asap as I do not want anyone to make unnecessary journeys to venues or be dropped off and unsupervised at anytime. I will be ticking off names on my register when I get your confirmation.
I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope to see you all on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th April at the start of the Summer Term. However I will keep you informed if this changes nearer the time.
Keep well.


Moira Devonport

Newsletter Autumn 2019

    • Newsletters keep you in touch with news and events at Music Centre. Please read and keep for a while, so you know what is happening. Keep in touch on twitter and Facebook.

• Please pay fees and return a registration form due for this term as soon as possible. If you pay by BACS, please also complete and return a registration form. All members need their parent or carer’s signed agreement to take part in Music Centre activities, which is why we need the completed registration form.

• Music Centre members should stay on site until collected at the end of your ensemble. Please do not leave the schools between ensembles, for your own protection and safety. If you change your normal arrangements, please let someone know!

• THIS TERM’S CONCERT is at the Centenary Hall on Friday 29th November at 7.00pm. This concert is for all music centre groups. Tickets will be available at the door and at Music Centre rehearsals. Please wear smart black trousers/skirt and white/coloured top with festive touches.

• Seating rehearsal schedule at the Centenary Hall on Friday 29th November:
4.30pm: Reed Choir (clarinets, saxophones and double reeds), 4.45pm: Flute choir, 5.00pm: Concert Orchestra, 5.15pm: Percussion, 5.30pm: Orchestra, 5.45pm: Youth Strings, 6.00pm: Concert Brass

Fast Forward group will meet Bistro Hall at 4:30pm, so that they can have a rehearsal with the Thursday Fast Forward group then head over to the Centenary Hall to set up for 5.15-5.30pm.

6.30pm: doors open for the audience.

7pm: Concert starts

• We would welcome contributions to the raffle at the concert. Could we ask you to bring a contribution to the interval refreshments? Biscuits, cakes, and savouries would be welcome. The Music Centre will provide drinks at no charge.

• Remaining rehearsals this term are on 8th, 15th and 22nd November. After the concert on 29th November, there will be a break until Friday 10th January 2020.

Thank you for your hard work this term and great music making! Have a very Happy Christmas, I hope you enjoy the holiday and we look forward to seeing you in January 2020!

Best Wishes,


Available as Word document.