Torbay and South Devon Music Centre

We provide an opportunity for young people who have learnt to play an instrument to enjoy making music together. We encourage young musicians to enjoy their instruments and improve their musical and social skills by playing together.

Orchestras, bands and ensembles are led by experienced musicians and there are opportunities to play in concerts as well as weekly rehearsals. There are groups for players of all standards and all ages.

Many young people learn to play a musical instrument with teachers in school or at home. The young musicians learn to understand and appreciate music, to play their instruments, and give solo performances. A high standard is often attained.

These are important achievements but there is a further element to music-making: playing together. Musicians work together to create music which is exciting, complex and satisfying. A range of new skills are required: part-playing, ensemble, co-operation and listening to others. It is not always possible to provide this experience in school so the Music Centre is an important part of a young musician's education.

How can I join?

Any young person who lives in South Devon or Torbay and is learning a suitable instrument can join the music centre. All young musicians who have attained a reasonable standard benefit from – and enjoy! – making music with others. A small fee is payable each term. For more details see join us!

What we do

  • Torbay and South Devon Music Centre meets weekly after school on Fridays during term time – see information for details.
  • Each student joins and rehearses with up to two groups suited to their instrument and skill. The music centres includes a wide range of orchestras, bands and ensembles covering all types of music and a wide range of skills. Each group is led by an experienced director.
  • Concerts are held each term in venues such as Oldway Mansion Paignton, Torquay Town Hall and KEVICC Totnes. All students are able to take part in public performances of the works they have rehearsed with their ensembles.
  • Residentials are held on a regular basis, usually in North Devon. The clarinet choirs, together known as The Peninsula Clarinet Choir, have two residentials each year, including performances at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The string groups have a residential course at least once each year to study a particular piece of music.
  • Music Centre groups take an active part in the Torbay Festival of Performing Arts at the Riviera Centre.
  • Some groups occasionally take part in other concerts or events such as fêtes and busking at Christmas.

Want to know more?

If you want more information, or would like to talk to someone involved with the music centre, or have some comments you would like to pass on, please contact us.

Registered charity no. 1069605

Torbay and South Devon Music Centre is supported by:

Devon County Council Torbay Council

Music Hub Babcock